FMWhatsApp APK Download v10.30 | Latest Version March 2023

Today I Am Going To Introduce A Fantastic App, FMWhatsApp APK, Which Is Best For Communicating With All Your Friends And Family. Enjoy Many Features Like Changing Your Chat Themes And Wallpaper Hide Blue Ticks. Among All The Apps In The Play Store.

Many Android And, Windows & iOS Users Are Using the WhatsApp Application. These Days, WhatsApp Is The Mandatory Application For All Smartphone Users. Everyone Is Communicating by using this application.


The calls and SMS have gone down drastically, thanks to this App. It is also your business manager and communication agent with your client. Video calling, voice clips, and deleting messages that are sent are some of the amazing features of its hatchet.

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FMWhatsapp APK

Fouad WhatsApp (named after its founder) presents one of the modified versions of WhatsApp. These have undoubtedly raised the standards of WhatsApp messaging and hence have raised the threshold of this App. Download and get this amazing App on your mobile.

The modded version of the Android application works much better than the original one. Therefore, the developers have modified even the most popular chatting applications like WhatsApp for a better User experience. Download FMWhatsApp and enjoy more security options.

FM WhatsApp APK 2023 is the latest Mod of the Original WhatsApp. It has better privacy, security, and customization options for an enjoyable User experience. Let’s know how to download the fantastic FMWhatsApp latest version, 8.0 and how it has to be used.

The profound version of WhatsApp with no Limitations to text messages. Can you WhatsApp me? Is this your WhatsApp number? I shall contact you over WhatsApp. Well, these are some things that you hear daily. WhatsApp has genuinely become that App that is your personalized texting assistant, photographer, a peek into your privacy and your ultimate stop for chatting.

What is FMWhatsapp APK?

What is FMWhatsApp APK? Fm WhatsApp 8.30 Download is the ideal replacement for the original WhatsApp with bettered existing features. It comes with higher security levels and more convenience. Further, it delivers an unbeatable User experience through the features duly mentioned on this page.

Double ticks, hide blue ticks, and customizing themes based on each chat are the other alibis in this case. And the most popular of their modified packages is FMWhatsApp APK v8. Get unlimited Emojis from GB WhatsApp APK, a similar application to FMWA.

Download FM WhatsApp APK


  • The modern world requires the best way of communication. Social distancing and globalization are becoming more prominent in today’s ERA. Hence, there is an acute requirement for more and more communication channels like WhatsApp. Somehow, the excellent application comes with more significant restrictions. WhatsApp is a big application, and you can enjoy all the latest features.



  • It doesn’t permit the clients to send boundless substances with huge MB document sizes. There are limitations concerning trading the media and tweaking things too. Consequently, the outsider engineers thought of an application that makes a point to give you full oversight over the correspondence Application. FM WhatsApp APK looks accurately like the first WhatsApp however works far superior to that.


FMWhatsApp APK v9.2


  • If you are not satisfied with the Original WhatsApp and want something that comes with some extra performance, FMWhatsApp v9.2 is the application that you should go for. The freedom to customize content comes with a better visual experience. The App allows the person to give better satisfaction. Users get to receive a tremendous aesthetic appreciation with the apk that comes with unlimited addition.



  • Developed by Fouad app developers, FMWhatsApp v8 is the next best alternative after WhatsApp. Why next best? Because it is a modified version, and it does carry some amount of risk. The App is not directly available on the Google Play Store; therefore, you need to make some extra effort to have it on your smartphone. Download this amazing App on your mobile.



  • You need to identify a third-party website from which the application can safely be downloaded in a way that is Malware-free and does not contain any viruses. One of the best versions of WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp APK lets you hide your last seen and online status and customize the delivery report. It comes with a lot of flexibility so that you can set themes of your choice.


FM WhatsApp APK Download


The modified application of the original WhatsApp FM WhatsApp APK is well-reviewed in the article. We have discussed the features, specifications, and how the App works. Also, we have discussed why you should avoid downloading FMWhatsApp APK, so, Read ahead to Grab new information about the App.Chatting with your friends is very convenient when you have a hilarious text messaging service at your disposal. FMWhatsApp Apk v9 has multiple choices that can help you to express your emotions better. FMWhatsApp allows you to keep a complete database of your videos and pictures.

This is the best and most wonderful application. While using this application, I feel very satisfied. Install on your mobile and get started with this App, and enjoy amazing features on your mobile. Downloading this FMWhatsApp App will give you more options On your Android mobile.

File Info

App Name FM WhatsApp APK
Version v10.30
Size 52.2MB
Supported Devices Android 4.0+, PC & iOS
Category WhatsApp APK’s
Last Updated Jan 2023


  • Since it is a high customization app, it has added additional features.
  • From changing the themes to more secure privacy, this App addresses all the issues you have encountered on WhatsApp.
  • A better privacy Option, FM WhatsApp, can freeze your last seen so that people get the wrong information when they try to sneak peek into your personal life. 
  • You can turn off the last seen option and set a fake last noticed to mislead the spring Eyes.
  • In this MODDED Application, you will get blue ticks enabled when you read messages.
  • The grey ticks turn blue when you open the chat history.
  • You will not get any unknown calls from unwanted numbers without your permission.
  • Hidden typing and recording, No one can question you about what you were typing and recording if in case you choose to delete the drafted message. These are the options I have ever seen in any application.
  • The latest WhatsApp app version allows you to hide the typing and recording status by manipulating things in your way. 
  • With the call filter feature, only the contacts in your contact list will be able to make the call.
  • secure this application from your Android Security Settings, which is the best option in this App.


  • You will not get any unwanted calls from unknown numbers.
  • Added Full security to your Android pocket. 
  • You don’t want to rush out of things at work to attend the call that turns up to be a prankster, right?
  • This application will help share all the contacts and media videos.
  • Forget about saving amounts and refreshing the contacts to start texting on WhatsApp.
  •  The hassle-free FM WhatsApp APK lets you approach the person immediately, even when you don’t keep the number.
  • Even forward FM WhatsApp Messages on Instagram, Facebook & snapchat.
  • Hiding your online status is one of the wonderful features of FM WhatsApp MOD.
  • Now remain offline even while using WhatsApp.
  • Control your last seen situation and call and record your status. And also to all those blue ticks and grey ticks and single ticks.
  • This time it’s a game of Tik-Tok for you as you can control all these.
  • Lock all your messages with this application.
  • Text your beloved once, anytime. Also, Finger Print Screen Lock is available. You can hide all messages with this feature.


  • Now that’s a tedious job, and no one has time to manage your WhatsApp and secure application.
  • With FMWhatsApp, the app lock is inbuilt. You can type your password using letters and numbers or even finger-lock it.
  • Just click on the three dots located towards the right-hand corner and choose the option that allows you to message a number.
  • Download the application on your mobile and get amazing features.
  • Hide typing status from this application.
  • And many more options are near to introduce sooner.

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